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Phase I Reception Area is Uptown!

Our EDM condos Phase 1 lobby, palapa seat covers, and covered porch are looking fantastic thanks to the hard work and dedication of three EDM volunteers, Patty Crawford, Sue Baillon and Barb DuFresne. Through their efforts, our reception area is now … Continue reading

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Turtles Galore

I wandered down to the tortugero yesterday and found over 850 turtle nests safely incubating behind a net wall and under a cooling tent. Then this morning we had a chat with the cops who were busy digging up last … Continue reading

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Grains of Sand Magnified

The diversity of sand grain types is a function of the immediate location of the turtle nesting beach. It is logical that the size, direction and intensity of the waves crashing upon the shore is also a highly local phenomena. … Continue reading

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Turtle Update From Erendire

I was walking with my daughter last month and had a nice chat with Erendire, our turtle biologist. She showed me a power point presentation she had put together for a recent symposium and I thought I would pass it … Continue reading

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Whirled Peas?

The Harmonic Convergence of 2012 is the fulfillment of the 25-year Harmonic Convergence initiated on 16-17 August 1987. At that time, the call went out for a minimum of 144,000 “sun dancers” to gather at sunrise on those dates at … Continue reading

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MZT Whale Video

Always when I go out on the boat, I watch for whales… but I no longer bring my camera. It is SO hard to decently photograph whales from a safe distance. However, if you are “El Debate” and want close-up … Continue reading

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Fart Facts

Did you know….. Fart gas is a natural by-product of digestion. On average, a person will fart 14 times a day, unless he/she has been eating beans. Certain polysaccharides in beans are undigestible by humans and so are consumed by … Continue reading

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