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Coati Sighting

Have you ever seen an animal with a long furry tail, held aloft like a flagpole? It’s a coati (pronounced co-ahhh-tea). It’s a member of the raccoon family, Procyonidae,  and it’s a common mammal of the Americas’ tropical regions. In … Continue reading

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Cool Video

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Group Releases 478,000 Turtles

The Noroeste newspaper recently published an article concerning the “Grupo Tortuguero de Sinaloa”. There was a meeting and a workshop down at the Mazatlan Aquarium. Estrella’s own Erendira González Diego ( head of the Star of the Sea turtle camp), as … Continue reading

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Today’s Visitors

I brought an oriole feeder with me when I returned from LA last month and have really been enjoying my new visitors. I have two species of orioles (streak-backed & black cowled) and a Colima warbler (not pictured) who are … Continue reading

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Slideshow of Birds at Estrella del Mar – by Robert Ross

Robert Ross was visiting here at Estrella last month. Perhaps you saw him about with a very large camera lens? I asked him to share some of his photos with us and he sent me this link.  I cannot view … Continue reading

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It’s time. It’s time for the butterflies to hatch, fly, mate and die. It’s time for the birds to display, mate and nest. The little frogs in the drain at the clubhouse are urgent with their mating calls. It’s almost … Continue reading

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What the..? If you look it up in your Funk & Wagnals, a “quemadore” is a burn, so why do the beaches in Mexico put up “alertas de quemadores”? Quemadore is the local term for the little blue blobs of pain that … Continue reading

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