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Wanted to Rent

Looking to rent in Phase 2, a 2 BR condo, for a month, around February 2018. Our exact dates are flexible, prefer Friday to Friday. We are a retired couple from Vancouver BC, 66 and 69 yr old. We have … Continue reading

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Extra Insurance on Mexican Toll Roads

At each toll booth, you will be given a receipt for the money you pay. This receipt is also your insurance certificate. If you crash, or are involved in an accident, you will need to present this receipt in order … Continue reading

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New Baby Takes Flight

I always welcome the mourning doves that nest on my patio every year. They add a nice melody to the comings and goings if the orioles, sparrows and hummingbirds. This parent has spent the past month or do carefully nurturing … Continue reading

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The Smiles in Barron Just Got Bigger!

Originally posted on FOB CANAM AC:
Last week saw the completion of the sixth annual Barron Dental Clinic, sponsored by Friends of Barron.  The usual suspects showed up (the dentists, I mean) and they all worked their buns (and knees)…

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Natural Gas Comes to Mazatlan 

TransCanada Corp.’s El Encino-Topolobampo Pipeline project in northwestern Mexico is nearly complete with the exception of a “small portion” that was delayed by negotiations with indigenous people. With the dispute resolved, in-service is expected later this year, TransCanada spokesman Shawn … Continue reading

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New Road

Somebody was out having fun yesterday!

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Angela Gets Established

“Angela” is here to catalog our pleasant experiences, helping guide newcomers and inform family and friends who might be visiting; like a virtual concierge. Let her help you share your personal knowledge so it can be held, truly, in-common. Angela’s List … Continue reading

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