EDM Emergency Procedures

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In an emergency think before acting, it is always better to reflect without letting ourselves be pressured. Safeguarding human life is our main task. Always assess whether your action can lead to a more dangerous situation. Do not put your life or your staff at risk to protect property or real estate, which are always replaceable and mostly covered by insurance. Do not bring on dangerous situations where it may be necessary to risk the lives of members of Rescue Companies to try to save property or belongings.

Protect yourself and Protect your Family.


It is of utmost importance to be able to have a contingency plan to be able to face with the proper preparation the claims that may occur in our property, especially for the area where we are, since we are prone to receive a hurricane.

For this reason, the following emergency plan has been prepared according to the needs of our property, and year after year it must be updated with previous experiences, to make the procedures more efficient.

The hurricane season in the region begins on May 15 and ends on November 30. The months with the highest cyclonic activity and, therefore, the highest probability that a hurricane will form, are August, September and October.

The most dangerous hurricanes for our state are all those that form in the Pacific Ocean and move from south to north.

Hurricanes, or tropical cyclones, are storms that generally cause heavy rains and rushing winds, and rotate counterclockwise. They occur in the tropics mostly during the summer.

Remember that a hurricane can easily cause sea penetration at 150 MTS. away from the shoreline and waves of up to 8 MTS.

According to the laws in force on the matter (Federal Law on Civil Protection and State Law on Civil Protection), each tourist establishment is obliged to have shelters or agreements with authorized external shelters, or to enable “Fourth Shelters” for all of its guests and their staff. . (Hotel conference rooms).

Likewise, when declaring a State of Emergency, the entire population is invited to provide support, and everyone, including national and foreign guests, is obliged to execute the orders or dispositions received by the authorities.


Article 40. – In the application of the provisions of this Law, all citizens residing or passing through the State, and especially the authorities and public servants, are obliged to collaborate with the State Civil Protection System.

Artícle 33. – Administrators, managers, owners, tenants or owners, of properties that by their very nature or the use for which they are intended, receive a massive and permanent influx of people, are obliged to prepare a specific civil protection program, in accordance with the provisions of the general program, counting on the technical advice of the State System Operational Unit. The General Secretariat of Government may indicate which of the subjects mentioned in the previous paragraph must comply with the preparation of the specific program.

Artícle 34. – Schools, factories, industries, shops, offices, housing units and other establishments in which there is a concentration of people, an influx of public, in coordination with the competent authorities, must practice civil protection drills at least three times a year.

Artícle 35. – In all buildings, except for single-family dwellings, safety equipment, adequate signage and instructions for emergencies must be placed in visible places, which shall set forth the rules that must be observed before, during and after the disaster or disaster. ; likewise, the safety zones must be indicated.

For more information, you can consult the full text of the laws at:

General Civil Protection Law (Federal Law)

It is important to note that, in the event of a claim, the first thing that the Insurance Company will take into account will be the correct and complete application of the safety regulations of the law.


For your safety, it is important to have the following illustrations:

  2. SKETCH MACRO LOCATION OF SHELTERS (consisting of address and emergency telephone numbers)


Tropical disturbance – This is the lightest of meteorological phenomena and carries with it maximum winds of 25 km / h with rain.

Tropical depression – Rain with winds of 35 to 63 km / h.

Tropical storm – Rain with winds of 63 to 118 km / h

Hurricane – Originated by winds that move at high speeds ranging from 118 km per hour or more, which causes the sea level to rise causing gigantic waves that move inland, dragging everything in their path.

The center of the Hurricane has a diameter between 100-500 km. During the first phase the winds blow in a counterclockwise direction. There is a period of calm and silence as the Hurricane passes, but once this is over, the winds will begin to blow stronger and in the opposite direction.

Hurricanes since they start as a tropical storm acquire a name that is provided in alphabetical order by the Miami Meteorological Office (Weather Bureau).


CATEGORY 1: Winds 119-152 km/h or 74-95 mph of 1 – 1 1⁄2 m above normal

CATEGORY 2: Winds 154-177 km/h or 96-110 mph Waves of 1 1⁄2 m-2 1⁄2 m above normal

CATEGORY 3: Winds 178-209 km/h or 111-130 mph Waves de 2 1⁄2 m-3 1⁄2 m above normal

CATEGORY 4: Winds 210-249 km/h or 131-155 mph Waves of 5 1⁄2 m above normal

CATEGORY 5: Winds of more than 250 km/h Waves of 12 m above of normal


When a hurricane approaches, the Civil Protection Authority will issue the corresponding bulletins. A “color code” has been defined at the national level to identify the level of care required. (SIAT Early warning system).

BLUE ALERT: upon detection or more than 72 hours of the expected impact GREEN ALERT: from 72 to 16 hours (depending on intensity)
YELLOW ALERT: From 60 to 12 hours (depending on intensity)
ORANGE ALERT: from 36 to 06 hours (depending on intensity)

RED ALERT: from 18 to less than 06 hours (depending on intensity)

For clarity, consult the table (early warning light) of the National Early Warning System of the General Directorate of Civil Protection of the Ministry of the Interior (SIAT)



Because in the event of one of these phenomena occurring, it is unknown to what extent it reaches or to what extent it can impact us, local and government authorities have indicated that each hotelier must have a plan for their property, customers and employees, which contemplate the following phases:

BEFORE: From the planning, preparation, adaptation and supply phase.

DURING: From “Zero Hour” until the end of the event or phenomenon called hurricane. (“Zero Hour” is the time the phenomenon begins).

AFTER: From the coordination, cleaning of the property, repair of damages, reinstallation of the clients, employees, as well as the order of the refuge in the given case that it has been used; to coordinating support for employees who have suffered superior damage or loss.

Important notes:

To avoid panic and interruption, most prevention work will be carried out at night or in a very discreet manner.

All information, letters delivered to clients and precautions should be in writing and collected to resolve any questions or claims after the hurricane.

In the event of power failure or damage to the main antenna, the radio repeater (if installed) may stop working. It is important to program all internal communication radios of the development, with a direct channel to use in case of repeater failure.


1. EvacuationBrigade

2. FireBrigade

3. First Aid Brigade

4. Communication Brigade

Each Brigade must be made up of personnel with training in Basic First Aid as a minimum.


Carlos Dominguez OlveraOperation Director6699158300 ext. 4000 6692402866
Carlos Joaquín Estrada PeinadoMaster Regime Manager6699158315 y 6699181555
Eduardo Quintero IbarraOperation Manager6699158303 y 6699120294
Jorge Enrique Corral TorresGolf Director6699158314 y 6699947478
Omar Ignacio Moreno LizarragaIT6699158315 ext. 4008 6691201770
Carlos Márquez OjedaAdministrative Manager6699158302
David Xolo FiscalGolf Superintendent6699158327 y 6691220938
Abraham Aramburo CoronadoCapital Huaman Manager6699158300 ext. 4009 6691060329
José Ornelas LoaizaHotel Operation Manager6691066965
Cinthya Karina Román ÁlvarezSafety and Environmental Protection Manager6699158300 ext. 4035 6691999221
Ramón Montesinos SánchezHead of Security6699158300 ext. 4069 6691172467

NurseFabiola Abigail Valenzuela AstorgaEnfermera – Lic. En enfermería, urgencias médicas, first aid6694416277
Human CapitalDulce Carolina Vizcarra MacíasFirst aid6691451613
CleaningMaribel Zamudio SánchezFirst aid6699415708
ReservationsSelva Yanine Nava TorresFirst aid6693328967
SecurityLuis Gustavo Valenciana RojasFirst aid
NurseJuan Abdul Iribe GonzálezFirst aidext. 4068
SecurityRamón Montesinos SánchezFire protection, brigada formation, search and rescue, Evacuation, Firs aid6691172467
SecurityRoberto ParraFire fighter – search and rescue.6691669935
Golf couse landscapingFernando BarrónFire fighter – search and rescue.6692221128
SecurityHéctor CruzFire fighter – search and rescue.
SecurityCarlos OceguedaFire fighter – search and rescue.6692621653
Maintenance HotelGonzalo Ibarra PadillaFire protection, Search and rescue, Evacuation, First aid
Master MaintenanceJosé Gabriel Sánchez RamírezFire protection, Search and rescue, Evacuation, First aid
Master MaintenanceMartín Martínez PadillaFire protection, Search and rescue, Evacuation, First aid6692133201
General MaintenanceJorge Loaiza ZatarainFire protection, Search and rescue, Evacuation, First aid

Reception Hotel BossAna Valeria Rosales Gutiérrez6181266367
Human CapitalLuz Esther Uribe SevillaEvacuation Brigade6691961062
HousekeepingRosa Sandoval RosasEvacuation Brigade
HousekeepingAlma Rosa Camacho RosalesEvacuation Brigade
HousekeepingBartola Lizárraga GuzmánEvacuation Brigade
Director ́s AssistantGabriela Ley del Valle6691495934
CashierWendy Jazmín Ortega AyónEvacuation Brigade
CashierKatia Cecilia Vargas CarrascoEvacuation Brigade
Pro ShopMaritza Elizabeth Estrada Pérez
CashierYuridia Rivera MartínezEvacuation Brigade
CashierBeatriz Adriana Esparza AlamizEvacuation Brigade
Cashier BossMiguel Mendoza MariscalEvacuation Brigade
ReceptionHanszel Cecill Macías MartínezEvacuation Brigade
Human CapitalAbraham Aramburo6691060329
SecurityPascual CortésFire protection, use and handing of fire extinguishers, search and rescue.
SecurityMarino RojasFire protection, use and handing of fire extinguishers, search and rescue.
Food and DrinksÁngel Salinas
SecurityJuan Antonio Gamboa RubíFire protection, use and handing of fire extinguishers, search and rescue.
General MaintenanceFelipe de Jesús Lejarza Camacho6691647975
StorehouseÁngel Beltrán Zamora


The official source of information is only the Municipal Directorate of Civil Protection, which will periodically issue bulletins during the meetings of the Operational Committee in the Event of a Hurricane. In these bulletins, the color of the current warning light will be indicated according to the approach table that can be found in this manual.

You can also get information by tuning in:

Radio stations being local stations, broadcast the local official bulletin)

Weather Channel (Internet, TV,)
CNN (TV) Como: http://www.ssd.noaa.gov/goes/west/epac/flash-avn.html http://smn.cna.gob.mx

NATIONAL METEOROLOGICAL SERVICE SMN: https://smn.conagua.gob.mx/es/


Estrella del Mar. 66 91 21 33 34

(To download the Emergency Numbers list, please select one of the two pages below and copy the URL. Paste it into your browser and then you can print just the Emergency Phone List.)



1- Verify existence, efficiency and signaling of fire extinguishers, First Aid kits, signaling of escape routes – CINTHYA KARINA ROMÁN ÁLVAREZ

2- See with civil protection changes to the plan of the previous year. – CINTHYA KARINA ROMÁN ÁLVAREZ

3. – Review hurricane plan and adapt it to the real situation. – CINTHYA KARINA ROMÁN ÁLVAREZ

4.- Have a shelter for guests and / or review internal shelter equipment and / or the “Shelter Rooms.” – EDUARDO QUINTERO

5. – Review communication equipment and have it working. Have cell phones with spare batteries, as well as functional communication radio. – OMAR MORENO

6.- Have 19-liter water jug. With dispenser for the minimum shelter of __ jugs and __ dispensers. DIEGO DE LA PAZ

7.- Sufficient transportation (hotel-refuge-hotel). – EDUARDO QUINTERO

8.- Have digital cameras. – OMAR MORENO

9.- Contract ambulance services with doctors / paramedics for the hotel and shelter (to consideration) – ABRAHAM ARAMBURO CORONADO

10. – Have radios AM/FM/SW with backup battery. – OMAR MORENO

11. – Have flashlights with corresponding batteries and a sufficient quantity of “Cayalume type” chemical lights. – EDUARDO QUINTERO

12. – Analyze the usefulness of hiring mobile toilets to install in the shelter. – CARLOS ESTRADA

13. – Hire water pipes if necessary at the hotel or shelter. – EDUARDO QUINTERO

14. – Have gas, diesel and water tanks at their maximum capacity. – EDUARDO QUINTERO

15. – Verify that all frequency antennas and repeaters on the property are working 100%. – OMAR MORENO

16.- Having adequate meteorological information. – CINTHYA KARINA ROMÁN ÁLVAREZ

17. – Verify the operation of the megaphones. – ABRAHAM ARAMBURO CORONADO

18. – See assignment of guests in refuge. – ABRAHAM ARAMBURO CORONADO

19. – Review A & B stock and proceed to purchase in case of shortages. – ABRAHAM ARAMBURO CORONADO

20.- Review maintenance stock. – EDUARDO QUINTERO

21. – Verify that the place assigned for the meeting room has a TV, internet and AM-FM radio signal for monitoring the weather. – OMAR MORENO

22 – Print sufficient amounts of the instructions for the guests, in the necessary languages. – OMAR MORENO

23 – Find out with the Insurance Company the validity and updating of the assets covered. Find out the insurance coverage of electronic equipment against electric surges. – CARLOS MARQUES OJEDA

24 – Instead of using septic tanks for drainage, keep them clean and empty them at the beginning of the hurricane seqason. Constantly msintain septic tanks at a level not more than 50% of their capacity. – N/A

25 – Acquire and store a sufficient quantity of chlorine tablets to make the water drinkable. – DIEGO DE LA PAZ

26- Keep the records of the water tanks sealed with silicone, to prevent their contamination in case of floods. N/A

27–Supervise the correct training of the brigades. – CINTHYA KARINA ROMÁN ÁLVAREZ

28 – Form and keep brigades permanently updated. – CINTHYA KARINA ROMÁN ÁLVAREZ



Who?  When? What?

Operations Management / Departaments Management / Executive CommitteeAccording to needs  Keep updated the directory of emergency telephones, as well as the telephone numbers of the Development staff.
  Review all the established equipment and their condition, personally supervising the fulfillment of the responsibilities of each person in charge of Development
.  12 hours before the entrance of the phenomenon, it will inform the Management in writing of the number of guests present and of any detected problems, so that they have timely knowledge of the situation.
  Contact the Corporate Office and I will keep you informed at all times.
  An office with a TV and computer (internet) connection will be established to monitor the information. In said office it will place a map of the region to follow the movement of the hurricane.
  Decide which TV channels. They will be kept on duty for guests or if any are cut to avoid panic.
  They will visit the shelters in the center with the Department Management, to see the possibilities and needs in these shelters.
  It will search together with maintenance which rooms can function as places of protection for the material to protect and will draw up the corresponding list.
Management Hotel HOAStart of the season hurricanes and BLUE ALERT  You will contact the representatives of the respective agencies to find out how and if clients will be evacuated or to maintain communication with guests.
  The Manager, must work to convince the reception staff, Bell Boys and any other that may work as a support to know how many staff will be available if necessary for both the hotel and the refuge, and, where appropriate, give knowledge to the personnel of what is established by the Civil Protection Laws, regarding the obligations of the personnel.
  It will notify the guest and make a Bulletin with information about the hurricane, where it is, how fast it is and with information on transportation (flights) by placing a blackboard in the lobby.
  It will have an updated directory with all the telephone numbers of the travel agencies and current representatives, also of the means of transport, airlines, buses, etc.
  Reserve seats on airlines as requested by guests.
  Two Receptionists / Concierges will be kept in the lobby to informguests and avoid panic.
  Make sure to keep a written record with copies of release letters.
  Inform guests how and when they can call home. There will probably be no lines during and after the Hurricane.
  Check that all letters in Spanish and English for guests are ready (LETTERS ARE ATTACHED)
Hotel Management HOA Communicatióny Evacuation BrigadeGREEN AND YELLOW ALERT  Establish and maintain a board for guests with information on the evacuation, and place of refuge if needed.
  Distribute memorandums with instructions to guests in rooms..
ORANGE ALERT  You must coordinate brigades with your staff to support the housekeeper staff when it is indicated to dismantle the rooms.
  Keep all keys to the property in a dry and high place, especially master keys.
  Assign shelters to guests and provide them with the address, name and telephone number so that they can notify their families.
RED ALERT It will support the coordination and control of clients as well as information, whether or not they are evacuated.
 Support with the supervision of areas to protect to improve if possible.
Hotel Manager and Departamentos AssistantsGREEN ALERT  You must verify that your stock for hurricanes is complete, otherwise you must make the necessary requisitions.
  ou will have to convince your staff to find out which staff will be available if necessary, both at the hotel and for the refuge.
  Ensure that there are sufficient supplies and blanks for shelters and at the hotel, especially in case of laundry failure.
YELLOW ALERT  Starting with empty rooms, you will store all possible equipment in the bathroom.
  Distribute plastic bags and tapes to protect suitcases and belongings of clients.
  In coordination with Public Areas and Maintenance, it will keep the loungers of the pools and others. A good place to ensure these depending on the material with which they are made, is inside the pool itself or in its respective cellar

 Electrical equipment such as tv and others will be kept in secure places previously indicated.

ORANGE ALERT  Verify that your stock is ready to be used.
  In coordination with public areas and maintenance, clean hallwayareas of any objects that can fly.
  Remove all patio and area furniture and place them in safe rooms or respective warehouses.
  In coordination with gardeners, they will block all beach areas, ramps and pools with sandbags, forming barricades at least one meter high.
RED ALERT  You must coordinate with your staff brigades and they must be ready so that when indicated, they proceed to dismantle the rooms and store the relevant furniture.
  Check that all the furniture in the rooms is secured inside the room and what can be kept in the bathroom.
  It will store the mattresses of the wardrobes on the second floor.
  Distribute to the supervisors of the shelters blankets, pillows, towels, garbage bags to be taken to the shelter in case of a hurricane.
  It will coordinate to stick tape on the windows of both rooms and general areas.
IT Management and Maintenance.Hurricane season starts and BLUE ALERT  The Head of Systems and Maintenance. You must have a TV with the weather channel to monitor the weather constantly.
  You must request constant information on the weather, from all the agencies in charge of monitoring it, both locally, nationally and internationally, and keep the Directorate General and Area Manager informed.
  Make a waterproof list with the most important emergency numbers as well as those of the employees of the Operational and Executive Committee.
GREEN AND YELLOW ALERT  It should intensify the monitoring by all possible means TV, Radio, Telephone, and inform the General Direction and Area Managers.
  You should have on hand an inventory of all the communication equipment that your department has.
  You must maintain a free line to receive information.
  You must have a list of emergency telephones (Preventive Police, Traffic Police, State Judicial Police, Federal Highway Police, Port Police, Judicial Police Federal, Dirección de Civil Protection, Cruz Roja, Hospitals, IMSS y Ejecutivos), updated 100%.

ORANGE ALERT You must continue monitoring and reporting to General Management and Area Managers, as well as to clients who request it with the corresponding authorization.



  •   You will need to convince your staff to find out who will stay during the contingency.
  •   Support what is assigned.
  •   It must be coordinated to give attention and information to clients at least 14 hours a day.
Reception and ConciergeBLUE ALERT The Guest Service Manager must remain alert and informed so that as soon as it is determined, they set up an information desk for customers.
ORANGE AND RED ALERT You must continue supporting clients by all possible and existing means so that they return to their country or city of origin if they wish.
LaundryBLUE ALERT Having knowledge of the approach of a phenomenon of these, the Laundry Manager must ensure the production of cleaning clothes.
GREEN TO ORANGE ALERT You must always keep racks and machines free of clothes in order.
 Suppport what is asigned.
EntertaimentBLUE TO YELLOW ALERT  Establish an action plan regarding games or other activities during the hurricane’s state of emergency.
  He will be in charge of keeping all the stage equipment, as well as the dressing room in a safe and dry place, above all the electronic equipment.
  Ensure that all water sports and beach equipment (kayaks, flags, etc.) is safe and secure.
MaintenenceBLUE AND GREEN ALERT  Lower the water level of the pools.  Seal the lids of the drinking water tanks with silicone to preventcontamination by floods.
  Find out and empty all existing septic tanks.
  Provide the filling of all gas and fuel tanks.
  Provide and maintain the filling of all vehicle fuel tanks.
  Keep electrical appliances in empty rooms.
  Constantly check the emergency plants, the cistern and the necessary water, gas, gasoline and diesel levels.
  In coordination with security, it will fill sandbags to form barriers in the beach areas, basements, ramps, pools and parts prone to flooding (emergency plant, cistern) and in front of the room doors (ground floor).
  In coordination with security and drivers, it will fill the vehicles tanks with gasoline, as well as the additional tanks.
  Check the generator machines.
  In coordination with security, you will check the conditions of theemergency equipment and make sure you can use them.
  Secure lights and kitchen equipment in shelters.
  In coordination with gardeners will secure the palms.
  They will reinforce the area of bars, lobby and rooms near the beach with wood and window posts.
YELLOW AND ORANGE ALERT  Help clear hallways.
  Secure signs, light bulbs etc …
  In coordination with the gardeners, they will remove the coconuts and dry branches of the trees near the facilities.
  Cover window glass.
  Close gas tanks and hold them in the backyards.
  Cut large trees near villas and buildings.
  They will reinforce doors and windows with wood and plywood sheets in the points that will function as shelters, as well as the rest of the areas, Restaurants, Bars, the lobby area and Spa.
  They will secure the computer equipment of the administrative and telephone areas.
  In coordination with room operators, activities and housekeeper, they will stick maskin-tape on windows and glass gates of the rooms in general in the form of a cross (on the inside).
  Verify in conjunction with warehouses that chemicals that react with water are protected in dry and safe places in waterproof containers. They will verify and test the operation and oil level of the generators.
  You must ensure and maintain the levels of drinking water in the tanks, to their maximum capacity.
  Verify the correct operation of the pumping systems for the evacuation of sewage, as well as the Hydropneumatic systems for the continuous.
  They will close all the ducts of the outdoor air extraction and injection systems that could affect important areas.
  It must be ensured that there is a reserve of diesel in drums for the operation of the emergency plant in case it lasts for more than 72 hours.
  Concentrate (in coordination with drivers and security personnel) all vehicles in the safest parking.
  Secure stationary gas tanks and cylinders as well as any equipment or objects that could function as a projectile during the cyclone.
  Perform an inspection and cleaning of drains on roofs and downspouts in buildings in general; as well as the development of the main drainage networks.
  Verify and test the operation of stormwater absorption wells (and de-accelerate if required) to minimize the possibility of flooding.
  Suspend the electricity supply.
Administrative Manager/ ComptollerStart of Hurricane Season and BLUE AND GREEN ALERT  The Comptroller shall support by authorizing the purchase of food, equipment, and materials from the stock of hurricanes that is necessary and that has been required.
  Until “Zero Hour”, will support at all times for the protection of customers, staff, values, documentation and property.
  Review and update of insurance policy.
YELLOW AND ORANGE ALERT  Take a tour of the hotel to take pictures or film the hotel, its facilities and damage before the hurricane.
  Update all administration as much as possible.
  Make a backup of all important files and place them with all important equipment in a safe place.
IT  The Systems Manager must safeguard all the computer equipment that is installed, both monitor, CPU and printer. These equipment must be removed and placed in plastic bags to prevent leaks, and must be placed in a position protected from flooding.
  In the administrative offices, the equipment must be disconnected from the electric power and bagged right there on the desk, covering it in its entirety.
  Disassemble the Communication antennas and protect the contact box with tape and plastic bags.
WarehouseGREEN ALERT  The Warehouse Manager will be in charge of making the necessary stock list of all the products and materials required by the hotel: maintenance, supplies, food and beverages, medications, etc … as well as the supply of purified water.
  Turn the list over to the purchasing department for evaluation and then store the authorized stock of the hurricane.
 It will have ready the guards of the teams that distribute to each Area Manager.
 It will be responsible for the warehouses being properly safeguarded, as well as the equipment that it currently has.
ORANGE ALERT  You must make 2 sets of backups of all the installed servers, as well as the information of each one of them. One set of backup must be turned in to the CEO and one set must be off the property.
  The servers will be shut down ___ hours before the entrance of the incident, and any power connection must be removed, as well as covering them with plastic bags in their entirety.
PURCHASESBLUE ALERT  The Purchasing Managers must give priority to the purchases of all the equipment and materials or groceries required for the hurricane stock that the warehouse manager has to deal with.
  You will have to support to obtain the corresponding authorizations as well as pressure the suppliers if the case requires it, so that everything arrives on time.
  If necessary, it will travel to obtain any type of material that has not been timely delivered by any of the suppliers.
  You will be in direct communication with the warehouse manager for any type of emergency.
Human Capital or Communication BrigadeBLUE AND GREEN ALERT  The Human Resources Manager must be alert so that in case of any notice, establish an information post.
  Once the arrival of the Hurricane has been confirmed, it shall be in charge of giving instructions to the personnel so that they take as official notice the cancellation of work due to the phenomenon that is approaching and verify and coordinate which personnel are required to remain working.
  In coordination with the Executive Committee, it will support the assignment of responsible persons in each refuge, and will keep a list of those responsible.
  Assist with the personnel transport drivers to supply all the shelters with food.
  Give notice of the impending arrival of the hurricane, and ask them to attend the pre-established shelters.
  Inform about preventive actions in each house regarding what is recommended to take with you during the hurricane.
  Consign the personnel transport units within the hotel facilities.
  The use of the collaborators’ dining room must be coordinated with the AyB Manager so that when necessary it is free or released.
YELLOW ALERT  You should have the lists of the staff in general and try to detect all those who reside in risk areas to guide them in their protection.
  You must supervise the refuge assigned to the Development andtake the appropriate measures.


 You should obtain the lists of all the staff that will support both the development and the refuge, for better control.

 You will be at the hotel or where assigned to support you as necessary.

SecurityBLUE ALERT  Keep track of any development equipment that leaves the property to be taken to the shelters through lists (this must be signed by Management and Comptroller).
  The Head of Security at the beginning of the hurricane season should coordinate that all the first aid equipment and the fire equipment that is available are 100% functional.
  You should review your stock of hurricanes and make the necessary requisitions to keep it complete if necessary.
  Support the Maintenance Manager in regards to the emergency equipment check.
  You must have on hand telephones of duly authorized transport, shelter and ambulance contacts.
  You must coordinate with the Training Manager, information talks for the general staff about these phenomena and the security measures to take, both in the hotel and in their own home.
  You must keep the General Directorate informed in case of receiving any information regarding these phenomena.
  It must coordinate with the General Directorate to bring together all those involved and periodically analyze the internal plan, to always be prepared in the event of any eventuality.
  You will have to convince your staff to find out who will be available if necessary, both for the hotel and for the refuge.
  You should visit the assigned shelter to see the status of the shelter and take appropriate measures to correct details or improve security.
GREEN ALERT  You must establish contact with the representatives of Transportation, Ambulance, and Shelter to coordinate the evacuation.
  Support the Maintenance Manager in supervising the property (reporting on vulnerable points). This will continue to be done for up to 24 hectares. before the phenomenon.
  In coordination with maintenance, they will place sandbags in front of the doors of the rooms on the ground floor to prevent water from entering.
YELLOW ALERT  Verify that the cars on the property have full gas tanks for any emergency.
  Collect information from support staff for both the hotel and the shelter to keep track of them.
ORANGE AND RED ALERT  Coordinate with the General Directorate for the assignment of corresponding tasks.
  Maintain strict control of everything that leaves the property for the refuge, and must be covered with the exit passes foliated with corresponding signatures.
  Be waiting for any indication from the General Director.
A&BBLUE ALERT  The Food and Beverage Manager should meet with his staff to review the manual and follow up.
  The Food and Beverage Manager should have an inventory of the food supplies in the warehouse, to know the missing hurricane stock.
  You should start to convince your staff to find out if necessary who and how many you can count on, both for the refuge and for development.
  You must make your corresponding requisitions to complete the stock of food and / or equipment, in case of receiving any alert, 48 hours before you must confirm your stock of products in the warehouse.
GREEN AND YELLOW ALERT  It should be coordinated with the General Directorate of what food and how it will be distributed to the people who remain in the refuge.
  You should analyze the problems involved in sending a Chef to the shelters to cook on the spot, since these are usually very small and will lack space and perhaps time to give food to those located there.
  One kitchen person will be assigned for each shelter.
  Prepare A&B coolers and supplies and store them for later use.
  Coordinate with the warehouse the appropriate protection in a dry place of chemical substances that can react with water.
  Verify that the consumption centers are empty and the equipment properly protected.
ORANGE ALERT  You must coordinate with the General Directorate to determine how the food will be distributed, if it will be done at the Hotel before evacuating if this is determined, or at the shelter.
  In the event that it is determined to evacuate the property, you must have ready the staff that will support both the refuge and the hotel.
  You must coordinate with your staff the dismantling of all consumption centers, (chairs, tables, glassware, cutlery, etc.), and keep it in a safe place.
  You must remove from the warehouse the food that will be consumed during the event by the staff that stays at the hotel, and store it in a chamber in the general kitchen.



Put brooms and trash cans in strategic places.


 Be waiting for any indication from the General Directorate.

Chef / KitchenBLUE ALERT  Take inventory of stocks, meats, beverages, vegetables, and staples.
  From before, provision will be made with canned food, drinking water, and basic products. Check with the local supermarkets and suppliers about the existence and the probability of arrival of products according to the weather (rain and winds).
  Create a menu based on stocks, taking into account first the products that require refrigeration (meat, dairy, etc.)
GREEN AND YELLOW ALERT Secure emergency lighting in the kitchens of the maintained shelters as well as the stoves.
 Put brooms and trash cans in strategic places.
ORANGE AND RED ALERT  Assist in food preparation and kitchen assistance for staff who have stayed at the hotel.
  Be waiting for any indication from the General Director.
ORANGE ALERT  Clean the trash room area and kitchen areas both in the hotel and in the shelters.  Prepare refrigerators and coolers to store food and drink supplies.
  In coordination with the general warehouse, it will protect the chemical substances that react with water by putting them in waterproof containers
.  Secure emergency lights in the kitchens of the shelters as well as the stoves.
  They will keep the rest of the upholstered chairs and furniture. Plastic chairs and tables will be left out for the use of guests.
  They will keep all the table linen and equipment that is not used.
  It will support disassembly and last-minute equipment movements.


 Be waiting for any indication from the General Director.

BareBLUE ALERT Fill and sterilize the water containers which will be available and keep them in a safe place. They must keep storing bottles from before.
ORANGE ALERT  Keep all bottles of wine and alcohol in the warehouse (alcohol will not be served in the bars).
  Store most bar and restaurant furniture in safe places.
ORANGE ALERT Assist in the packaging of drinks and transportation of them to shelters.
 Support in disassemblies and last-minute equipment movements.


 Be waiting for any indication from the General Directorate.

 Coffee and water will be available for customers.
 They will keep the rest of the upholstered chairs and furniture.

Plastic chairs and tables will be left out for guests’ use.

WAITERSYELLOW ALERT  Store the dishes in a safe place.
  Secure the restaurant equipment.
  Most furniture in bars and restaurants will be kept in safe places.
  Tables and chairs will be brought up from the snack to a safe place.

Note: In the event that the property is evacuated, all those who have or make use of an office, (before leaving the property) must ensure that all electronic equipment is disconnected, closed and if it has windows, see that they are well protected.


In case of lack of space, full pools are a good place to store large objects that are not damaged by water (lounge chairs, garden furniture).

Hanging lamps and outdoor lamps in general are a potential danger in the event of a hurricane. It is advisable to disassemble and store them in storage.


When the Municipal Civil Protection Directorate reports that there is a possibility that an Evacuation Order will be issued, the following will be done:

1. The Director of the refuge (who will be designated by the General Directorate) will contact the person in charge or owner of the property assigned as a refuge, immediately they will go to it to see that it is in order. If you are not properly conditioned for the event, you will request immediate support from the hotel.

2. The refuge director will be in charge of determining how much support personnel will be required, as well as coordinating them during the phenomenon.

3. The Food and Beverage Manager will have ready all the food that will be for the clients and support staff.

4. The Head of Security (or whom the Director General assigns), Will have the necessary transportation to carry out the evacuation.

5. The corresponding medical service will be contacted according to the plan.
time that the Municipal Civil Protection Directorate reports that the Development has

At the
to be evacuated, the following will be done:

  1. The person in charge of the refuge will coordinate the transportation of the guests to the pre-designated refuge.
  2. The Food and Beverage Manager will send to the shelter all the food that will be for the clients and support personnel, having to move them to the place indicated.
  3. The Hotel Manager and / or HOA Manager will provide occupancy lists to monitor evacuating customers, as well as color bands to identify them.
  4. All the elements of the Executive and Operational Committee that are not in the refuge must support the evacuation.
  5. The Director General, Executive Committee and Head of Security will determine the number of personnel that will support the refuge and the hotel.



Who?  When? What?

General Management / Departament Management / Executive CommitteeDuring  You will stay at the hotel to verify that everything is prepared and safe until the last hour.
  In the event that clients have been evacuated, the General Directorate will focus its attention on the protection of the hosts who have remained supportive of the property, as well as on the greatest possible protection of the property.
  Coordinate property inspections with the Maintenance Manager and Head of Security whenever possible.
  In the event that there is no evacuation and that the clients are only concentrated in the place assigned as a refuge within the property, the general attention will be focused on the control and protection of the same, trying to give them the greatest possible comfort.
  Maintain constant communication with the Maintenance Manager and Head of Security.
  Determine when and at what time the electric power, gas, and diesel will be cut if the situation warrants it.
Hotel Management – HOA ManagementDuring  You will be supporting the staff and clients at all times with updated information and in the supervision tasks.
  If you have evacuated the property, the support team that has remained will follow the instructions assigned to it.
  Provide customers with a newsletter of what to do during and after the hurricane.
Assistant Manager and Department AssistantDuring  The assistant will be on the lookout with his team to proceed if necessary, and will support the personnel that so require.
  You will have your stock on hand and ready to use. In the shelter.
  You must provide all guests and employees with pillows, blankets and towels (in the shelter).
  Check if the rooms are ready with clean water, toilet paper, disposable cups.
TIDuring The personnel who have remained on duty, must continue monitoring the phenomenon until it is no longer possible by any means, and continuously inform the General Directorate.
Reception and / or ConciergeDuring  Inform in a very calm way the moment when guests have to go to their room.
  Ensure that all guests are in a safe place.
  You must keep the guests calm.
  It will remove any person who is next to windows and doors.
  In the event that the property has not been evacuated, they will continue with their information and support stand for clients who so request.



 Prepare all activities in the shelter

MaintenanceDuring  Maintain surveillance of the operation of emergency equipment as well as the continuous supply of water for kitchen services.
  Maintain surveillance of water levels in areas affected by rain, as well as the correct operation of pumping systems and absorption channels and wells to evacuate excess water.
  Maintain a crew for continuous support in coordination with gardening for the removal of trees, branches or objects that fall as a result of the winds and that may affect the roads.
  Cut off the electrical power supply services to the high voltage cabinets and cover the motor control centers to minimize further damage from short circuits or lightning strikes.
  Maintain a crew for continuous support in coordination with gardening for the removal of trees, branches or objects that fall as a result of the winds and that may affect the roads.
  It will help with the maneuver for the protection of valuable equipment in the administration departments.
  You must maintain communication equipment for monitoring the hurricane until the end.
  You must keep the General Management informed at all times.


  •   Coordinate the general store and purchases, to help the other departments, try to film the events whenever possible.
  •   It will be pending the supply of any emergency, providing support to the departments.
  •   Will be in direct communication with the warehouse manager for any type of emergency.

ITDuring It will verify that there are no leaks near the servers to avoid any puddling problem, and if it exists, it will remove the equipment and place it in a high area and out of the reach of the water.
  It will verify that there are no leaks near the servers to avoid any puddling problem, and if it exists, it will remove the equipment and place it in a high area and out of the reach of the water.
  It will turn off the No-Break system, to avoid any short circuit coming from the street.
Human Capital and or Communication BrigadeDuring In case the property has not been evacuated, it will continue with its information booth for collaborators.
SecurityDuring  The person in charge of Security will coordinate with the Maintenance Manager to protect the property as best as possible, making inspections whenever possible.
  You must coordinate surveillance brigades to maintain order and control of support staff as well as customers in case they have not evacuated.
  He will support anyone who requires it in the tasks and will always be alert to help his team with staff and clients.
A&BDuring  In the case of having evacuated clients, the attention of the Manager of A&B will focus on the preparation of food for staff who have remained supportive on the property.
  In case the clients have not been evacuated, they will coordinate the preparation of the corresponding food, in agreement with theGeneral Management.
 In the shelter: Prepare sandwiches, soups, soft drinks, and water in a safe place. Coffee, tea, and water must be available at all times.

Departments not Mentioned


 In case of leaving support staff, these departments will be coordinated by Department Assistants.



Who  When? What?

General Management / Departament Management / Executive CommitteeAfter  The General Director will coordinate with the Maintenance Manager and Security Manager to make a survey of the property, to detect damage of which photos will be taken and sent to the insurance company.
  Compile all damage reports so that together with the Comptroller they can make an evaluation of the losses and damages.
Hotel Management- HOA ManagementAfter  The Hotel and / or HOA Manager will supervise that the reinstallation of the computer service is done as soon as possible.
  It will be in charge of restoring the service of the Front Desk, Villas, Telephones, Reservations and Business Center.
  Assist in the reinstatement supervision of all services on the property.
assistant manager and department assistantAfter  Coordinate with Public Areas and Gardening the cleaning of corridors, car exits and goods reception areas.
  Coordinate the cleaning and reinstallation brigades of furniture in both public areas and rooms, being supported by the Operations Committee and general staff for greater agility.



 You must ensure the operation of the switch, as well as the lines of each of the extensions of the hotel.

Reception and or ConciergeAfter  The Receptionist together with Housekeeper will check room damage and report it to Management.
  It will make an inventory of rooms that can be used and this list will be sent to Management.
  Check the regularization of flights, etc. to facilitate transportation of guests to your home and will coordinate the transportation with the Manager.
LaundryAfter Check the regularization of flights, etc. to facilitate transportation of guests to your home and will coordinate the transportation with the Manager.
MaintenanceAfter  Restore electrical energy supply systems.
  Reestablish air conditioning systems as far as possible.
  It will carry out an inventory of energy available at the end, to determine how long the operation can be maintained before receiving help from municipal services.
  It will carry out damages for quantification supported with photographic material in coordination with the Comptroller and General Direction.
  Prepare technical report and report to the insurance company and the General Directorate, for verification. Subsequently, it will follow up on claims with the evaluators and (or) adjusters assigned by the company.
  Build a crew to restore pipelines and uncover equipment that has been covered.
  Clean engines with dielectric solvents from extraction and pumping systems in general to remove moisture and to avoid further damage or subsequent failure.
  Remove trash in coordination with gardening staff and initiate reforestation activities in areas that have been damaged.
  Carry out chemical cleaning and treatment of swimming pool services in general, as well as bacteriological chemical tests to guarantee the quality of the water before putting it into service.
  You must drain lakes and sources to evacuate contaminated water and refill when a constant flow is assured by OAIP.
  Review and clean with mechanical means and dielectric solvents the records of TV signal system and telephony in villas.
  It will rehabilitate the absorption wells for rainwater (in case they are required again).  It will confirm the quality of the general service waters with chemical tests to guarantee the service.
  It will monitor the supply of fuels such as: diesel gas for drums and water.  Will make contact with the CFE in case there is no electric power.
  Follow up on damage repairs that resulted in coordination with theadministration department.
  It will document all the information on damages and works due to the direct and secondary effects of the hurricane, informing the General Directorate and the Administration.
  Support with technical advice for the preparation of the technical report of damage in support areas.
Administrative Manager / ControllerAfter  The Administrative Manager together with the General Management and Maintenance Manager will evaluate the damages to report.
  Contact the insurance adjuster (s) so that the policy becomes effective as quickly as possible.
  It will support so that the works that represent expenses are streamlined.
  Check with suppliers when they can supply requisitions.
ITAfter  You must wait for the electrical energy to be at 100%, (not with the emergency plant) to proceed with the installation of the equipment in general.
  The computers of the facilities will be verified that they have not been wet and that the current that reaches the contacts does not have short problems, so as not to burn the equipment.
  First, equipment must be installed in all areas and it will be verified that there is no short in any area of the Development.
  The servers will be the last to start to avoid any problem with the electrical energy that could cause the loss of information.
  Very important: The air conditioning in the systems area must be working before turning on the servers, that is, to avoid condensation problems and cause a short on a server.
Human Capital and orCommunicationBrigadeAfter  The Human Resources Manager, will be in charge of reestablishing the control of personnel that arrives to work and will give the facilities that he deems pertinent to the personnel in agreement with the Manager or Departmental Head.
  Perform damage count on employee housing.
  It will give instructions to each collaborator who lives in the villages when they can already reinstall antennas, gas tanks and other objects for use outside the home.
  It will carry out a damage census in the collaborators’ houses, to consider the imbalances that there will be in the socio-economic state of the host, which may affect their attendance at work.
  Conduct a census of all development collaborators to ensure that neither the collaborator nor their relatives have suffered any physical misfortune.
  It will support the most affected community in all social assistance programs, according to a report from the authorities.
  It will be in charge of receiving all reports from personnel who have suffered major damages, and will channel them with the General Management to determine how to support collaborators and / or employees as soon as possible.
  Request from the SSA or the IMSS pills to purify water or oral serum for associates or employees.
SecurityAfter The Head of Security must have coordinated the protection of the entire property to avoid acts of looting or vandalism. In coordination with the Maintenance Manager and the General Directorate, it will support the cleaning and supervision of risk areas.
A&BAfter The A&B Manager will take an inventory of food supplies and immediately afterwards will proceed to requisite what is necessary for the operation of the hotel.

 Organize your staff so that the service is normalized.


  1. Letter to guests in their language
  2. Disclaimer of responsibilities.
  3. Stock A&B.
  4. Stock Maintenance.
  5. Stock Hotel and HOA.
  6. Stock Security.

Dear Guest,

Due to the present meteorological conditions, we inform you that the Development received the order of preventive evacuation, from the Civil Protection Authorities.

For your safety, we invite you to remain calm and attend immediately to the instructions you will receive from our staff.

In order to facilitate your care, we ask you to prepare yourself, following the following instructions:

1. Put all your valuables in the Safe in your room and lock it.

2. Pack your bags, lock them and put them back in your bedroom closet. DO NOT BRING YOUR LUGGAGE WITH YOU.

3. Take only the following materials with you:

  1. A photo ID (preferably a laminated credential, leave the passport in the safe)
  2. The key to your room or your house.
  3. Medications you eventually need

Dress in comfortable shoes and clothing.

Close and leave your room or home, reporting immediately to the hotel reception for instructions.

DO NOT BRING ANYTHING FROM THE ROOM (PILLOWS, SHEETS, and TOWELS) the shelters are already equipped with everything.

Please stay calm, for any requirement contact the hotel staff. We appreciate your collaboration in this situation.

Dirección General
Estrella del Mar Golf And Beach Resort


Description Unit

Portable radio walkie talkie repeater ch + direct ch Portable stove with gas tank

Disposable cups Disposable plates Disposable cutlery Napkins

Canderel type sweetener Café Soluble
Portable kitchen equipment

Chocolate bars Rice
Gatorade in powder Milk powder Canned beans

Cereal Bars “Energy” Canned food (othert) Potatoes

Lyophilized Soups “Instant type”

Cereals of various types Dehydrated potato Canned sardine
Soda cookies

White bread Wholemeal bread Bread for hotdogs Bread

Flour tortilla
Peach in halves Pineaples in halves Whole or semi-skim milk Light milk

Tang orange juice
Fruit juice in tetrapak container Quick chocolate
Canned tuna



Purified water
Purified water 500 ml Coca-Cola double liter Coca-Cola light double liter Sprite double liter

Unit Quantity


Description Unit

Water purification tablets piece Portable radios walkie talkie repeater ch + direct piece ch
Pump spray piece Complete tool boxes piece Fumigation insecticide piece Gasoline motor pump with hoses piece

Portable light plant piece Gasoline for motor pump and plant Lt

Motor and plant oil Kg Silicone to seal cisterns piece 12mm plywood in pine Hojas 4×4 “pine rollers piece 1⁄4 ”expansion plugs piece 2×2 ”x 305 m bars in pine piece Galvanized wire (thin) Kg 4 ”eyebolts piece Stainless steel 1⁄4 ”x 3” screws (straight string) piece Stainless steel 1⁄4 ”x 3” screws (straight string) Kg Dry cell hand lamps (9 volts) piece Axes with handle piece Round blades piece Spare 9 volt dry cells piece 1⁄2 h.p manual jigsaw – 127 volts (Bosh) piece Long kickstand piece Manual chainsaw (gasoline) 2 h.p. piece Spare chain for the same chainsaw piece High rubber boots Pair High impact helmet (fiberglass) piece

Transparent polycarbonate protective goggles Bait Gloves
3 “Concrete Nails
34″Concrete Nails

No. 10 x 2 1⁄2 “Wood Screws
2 “wide mask-in-tape tape
1⁄4 $ plastic dowels (good quality) Caution tape (yellow w / black) 1⁄4 ”Concrete Drill Bits
3/8 “Concrete Drill Bit
Edging edges for wood
Edges for manual jig for metal Sandbags (v. 27, 24, 31,28)

Sub-station emergency system

60 liter drums of centrifugal diesel Oil filters (emergency plant) Antifreeze concentrate (Bardall) 15.5 KV fuses for 40 amps

High tension gloves
3×10 Heavy Duty Cable
3m vulcanizable tape Multigrade Gasoline Engine Oil

*Note: This list does not include support towns.


Piece Bucket 19 lts Piece Piece Roll 100 MTS Rolls Bucket 19 lts


Description Unit

Insect repellent piece Portable radio walkie talkie repeater ch + direct piece ch

Chemical emergency lamps “cayalume” piece Disposable baby diapers piece Insecticide spray “baygon type” piece King size sheets piece Double sheets piece Blankets piece Píllowa piece Pool towels piece

Rubber boots Pair Raincoats (pants, shirt and hat) piece


Toilet paper Rolls Black garbage bags piece Brooms piece Floor Pulls piece Chlorine Lts. Plunger piece Multipurpose fiber piece Glass Pulls piece Ecolab disinfectant liquid Lts. Ecolab Multipurpose Liquid Lts. Liquid hand soap Lts. Bar soap piece Shampoo (Institute) piece Conditioner (Institute) piece Plasticized paper bracelets for customer piece identification




6 volt dry cell hand lamps
6 volt dry cells
Raincoats (pants, shirt and hat) Rubber boots

High resistance lenses
High resistance helmets
Flat fiberglass or aluminum stretcher
Oxygen equipment with venturi and demand mask outlets
Manual resuscitator kit
Walkie talkie radios with repeater frequency + direct channel
Portable medicine cabinets (assorted) Chemical “cayalume type” lamps
Marine band base radio with antenna c. magnet
Freq base radio Repeater + direct ch and antenna c. magnet

Unit Quantity

Whoever subscribes, declares, assuming responsibility that this manual corresponds to the actual organization of Development and, therefore, is immediately applicable if necessary.