Give Lemmings a Break

I keep hearing about people being like lemmings. I say, give lemmings a break! They do not, in fact commit mass suicide just because their leaders tell them to. Please remember that lemmings are mammals … they can swim. And they can scale sheer cliffs by walking down forwards. In the far northern isles where this species is abundant, historic migration routes sometimes require the swimming of a narrow channel en mass. Imagine caribou. Same thing.

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More Sad News

Long-time EDM resident Ron Vagle has passed away. Originally a 16-A home owner, Ron and his lovely wife Jean resided in Phase 2 for the past several years. Ron was an early member of the 16-A Surveillance Committee, serving a number of years, selflessly contributing his time and expertise to a young and growing community. Many people will fondly remember his annual Puzzle Hunts, pitting the community’s best minds in a race to figure out his cryptic and ingenious clues. He was also the founder of the early Tues/Thur morning “dew-sweepers” golf hustle. His computer genius figured out everyone’s handicaps and kept meticulous track of the winnings. His famous Bean Soup recipe can be found in the Que Sabroso! cookbook.

A fixture for many years, Ron’s smiling face and sharp wit will be sorely missed.  Godspeed, Ron!

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Mother’s Day Taco Party

Save the date: May 10. I know that’s the traditional date and not the celebrated date but it’s a special day here in Mexico for many reasons. That day we will not only honor mothers everywhere but also the team of dental professionals and volunteers who have made the Friends of Barron annual dental clinic at the primary school successful. In celebration of them and their mother’s, we would like to invite all EDM residents, their friends, their renters and absolutely everyone within shouting distance of the Phase I palapa to a special taco party on Thursday, May 10.

This day will be doubly special in that it marks the close of an era. This is the last dental clinic of its kind in Barron; future clinics will concentrate on the kindergarten. With the planned completion of the medical/ dental clinic in Barron, the needs of the school population will be met in the more traditional setting of a clinic office, with a little luck and perhaps some divine intervention. Plans for this eventuality are progressing slowly but then again, so did the glaciers. That didn’t make them any less significant.

So plan on coming to help us celebrate six years of service for a selfless and deserving team of professionals. As always, we will need a headcount so the Taco Ladies can feed us all. If you can attend, please fill out the attached form. We’ll see you a week from Thursday!!

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Sea Turtles Use Magnetic Fields to Find Their Birthplace Beach


Loggerhead turtles are known to use the earth’s magnetic fields to nest on Florida’s Gulf beaches within about 40 to 50 miles of where they were born decades earlier. J. Roger Brothers/UNC-Chapel Hill

Sea turtles use the earth’s magnetic fields to navigate back to the area where they were born decades earlier, according to a new study that used loggerhead genetics to investigate their travels.

After swimming for years in a giant loop from nesting grounds in North Carolina and Florida to North Africa, the turtles find their way back to nest on beaches within about 40 to 50 miles of where they were born. The new study suggests that the turtles learned their home beach’s distinctive magnetic signature, through what is called geomagnetic imprinting.

“This is vital information if you want to restore sea turtles to areas where they once lived before being hunted to extinction,” said Kenneth Lohmann, a professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and senior author of the study published Thursday in Current Biology.

He added that the same concepts may be applicable for restoring salmon and other fish to rivers because many birds and fish also use magnetic fields for navigation.

“That’s really cool and really impressive and they do it traveling through the seemingly featureless open ocean,” said J. Roger Brothers, the paper’s first author and a sea turtle expert, who is scheduled to receive his Ph.D. from Chapel Hill next month.

The turtles can perceive both the magnetic field’s intensity and its inclination angle, the angle that the field lines make with respect to the Earth’s surface, earlier research has shown.

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Lost and Found

Does the shoe fit, Jack?

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Lost: One Golf Shoe

If found. Please return to jack gilman

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Paradis in Paradise

Last Paradis in Paradise of the season.  6-9 at Clubhouse restaurant for Sunday BBQ.

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