Extra Insurance on Mexican Toll Roads

At each toll booth, you will be given a receipt for the money you pay. This receipt is also your insurance certificate. If you crash, or are involved in an accident, you will need to present this receipt in order to avoid paying road repair and maintenance charges.


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New Baby Takes Flight

I always welcome the mourning doves that nest on my patio every year. They add a nice melody to the comings and goings if the orioles, sparrows and hummingbirds. This parent has spent the past month or do carefully nurturing her clutch. Of the two eggs, this beautiful baby is the only one to survive. The local cat got the other last evening leaving only a pile of tail feathers. Such a shame!

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The Smiles in Barron Just Got Bigger!


Last week saw the completion of the sixth annual Barron Dental Clinic, sponsored by Friends of Barron.  The usual suspects showed up (the dentists, I mean) and they all worked their buns (and knees) off for four solid days. We treated a whopping 93% of the school aged children and their 4,845 teeth with the following results. The percentages indicate the number of kids that are cavity-free. The colors indicate the year of treatment, blue being this year.

Barron Smile Chart 2017

The percentage increase in cavity-free smiles is huge. This tells me a few things:

  1. The kids aren’t afraid of the dentist.
  2. They actually have learned how to care for their teeth in less than optimum circumstances.
  3. That our dentists are the best.

Please join me in thanking this remarkable group of humanitarians.  Thanks must also go out to those EDM folks who allowed the group to use their condos that week. You…

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Dog Friendly Condo Wanted to Rent

I love Estrella del Mar and am a fractional owner in Phase 2. I wish to spend 6 months there next season (2017-2018). I have a professionally trained, well socialized Golden Retriever and prefer a 2 bdrm. condo in Phase 2, fully furnished including cable & internet.
I don’t use the AC so no drain on electricity and am a non smoker. I have a $1000-$1200 US/month budget.
Please contact me at prstamm@gmail.com if you have a condo you would rent to me long term.
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Natural Gas Comes to Mazatlan 

TransCanada Corp.’s El Encino-Topolobampo Pipeline project in northwestern Mexico is nearly complete with the exception of a “small portion” that was delayed by negotiations with indigenous people.
With the dispute resolved, in-service is expected later this year, TransCanada spokesman Shawn Howard told NGI. TransCanada began recognizing revenue from the project last July under a force majeure provision in its 25-year contract with Mexico’s Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE).

The pipeline interconnects with TransCanada’sMazatlán Pipeline project to create the El Encino-Mazatlán system. It “is one of the most ambitious and challenging natural gas pipeline projects in the country’s history,” TransCanada says on the project’s website.

“Due to the geographical challenges posed by crossing the Sierra Tarahumara, the project is being built using state-of-the-art technology and innovative construction techniques.

“When complete, the 560-kilometer (348-mile) 30-inch diameter pipeline will help connect the states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa, supplying numerous communities along the way.” According to TransCanada’s website, capacity is 670 MMcf/d.

The pipeline would also supply the 230 MW Topolobampo power plant as well as power plants Topolobampo II and III when they are built.

TransCanada won the $1.1 billion contract with CFE for the project in 2012.

The El Encino-Mazatlán system is composed of two parts: El Encino-Topolobampo, and El Oro-Mazatlan, which would provide 202 MMcf/d of capacity via a 30-inch diameter, 430-kilometer (267-mile) pipeline for a power plant in Mazatlan.

“The El Encino-Mazatlán system is considered as an important trigger of industrial, economic and social development of the state of Sinaloa, since it will provide access to natural gas to companies and populations in the state,” TransCanada’s website says.

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New Road

Somebody was out having fun yesterday! 


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Why is there a cross on the construction site?

May Third is celebrated as the Day of the Cross by all construction workers in Mexico. This tradition includes the placement of a cross on the construction sites in order to secure blessings during the course of the construction.

In addition, the builder or contractor offers food and drink to all workers as the culmination of the celebration.
So now you know!

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